Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Zevia and Stonyfield Greek review

The first thing I would like to review is Stonyfield Greek yogurt in caramel flavor. It is organic, 110 calories, 10 grams of protein, and an unfortunate 16 grams of sugar. It was super yummy. I was worried it would be like some honey Greek yogurts I've tried that taste of not a whole lot and some too thick cream cheese sour cream yogurt, but there was an abundance of caramel and relatively thin. Bonus, it didn't have that strong cheese taste I associate (and dislike) with Greek yogurt. It would be fantastic with a sliced apple and I think that is exactly how I will eat the remainder of the pack since diet-wise it's garbage at 16 grams of sugar per serving. As new wave Cookie monster would say it is a sometimes snack.

 Full disclosure: I freaking love caffeinated diet soda. I would guzzle it all day if it didn't rot you from the inside out. I am not a fan of real soda, I genuinely enjoy artificially sweetened things, your taste buds may enjoy different things than mine. That being said the second review I have for you is for Zevia the stevia sweetened soda. I had/have a powerful love of caffeine, we get along like chocolate and I do. Ever since we went gmo-free I needed caffeine that was portable so I purchased two flavors of Zevia: Dr. Zevia (not pictured) and Cream Soda. My other half and I both found Dr. Zevia off putting (he does not like diet soda). I thought the carbonation was off and the flavor reminded me of Dr. Pepper Jelly Bellies that had been boiled. However Cream Soda is pretty awesome. It is super bubbly which I enjoy in a soda and I feel like the flavor was spot on. I have had much worse cream soda (one of the few I will go non-diet for). I got them for 3/$10 normally $5 a six pack. They aren't particularly economical, but it's a healthier option to an unhealthy habit.

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