Thursday, August 1, 2013

Organic and GMO free bar reviews

I am lazy, I'll admit it. I need fast easy food. I won't eat sometimes just to avoid having to prepare something. All of the bars I will be reviewing today came from Big Lots. Big Lots has lots of organic food for reasonable prices, however they don't always have the best flavors of said organic products.

Odewalla brand Berries GoMega superfood bars I have see them for 6 dollars a box, I picked them up at Big Lots for $2.50- Their texture is dense they are very fruity (which I shouldn't dislike, but I still have synthetic taste buds) They taste very very... healthy. I have to make myself eat one, but they are fairly good for you if you eat them as a meal which I believe is intended. (210 calories, 6gr fat, 36 carbs, 5gr fiber, 16gr sugar DV of A 10% Calcium and Folate 25% and E a whopping 50%). I felt like a child who was being forced to eat something they hated grudgingly ordering my teeth to chew and begging my throat to swallow. 

Health Valley Organic Strawberry Bars don't know the retail I purchased them $1.50 for 5 bars. They are dry like a pop tart is dry. They are like a nutri-grain bar. We also purchased these once upon a time in apple cobbler and found that flavor unpleasant. The strawberry is a hit, but I would recommend some almond milk to go with.

Lara Bar Chocolate Chip Brownie $8 for the 16 bar pack at Big Lots (see what I mean about big lots) that pack I believe to be in the $20 range. I had trouble parting with $8 for a box of bars we'd never tried, but they are fairly good. The first ingredient is dates, which you can taste, but is well masked by chocolate. I enjoyed the almonds and walnuts found throughout and though I believe the company is owned by another company that is disreputable, I am not displeased with my purchase. This tastes healthy without being off-putting, you aren't getting some processed fiber1 faux brownie, but it is one I would also call a meal replacement (200 calories, 9gr fat, 23gr sugar, 4gr fiber, 4 gr protien) No half bad.

Nature's Path Choconut and MMMaple Pecan at $2.50 a box are little heavenly dessert bars, I tossed the boxes and am too lazy to retrieve the nutrition facts so I will provide you with a link to their site These are freaking good. I could eat them all day. They have a texture like homemade rice crispy treats that you didn't let get cool enough before you ate them and they have killer flavor. We bought 3 boxes because I had a gut feeling we'd love them and there are only a few left in the bar bowl.

Big Lots is my jam.

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