Monday, July 15, 2013

Organic and gmo-free food reviews

I went organicish, full tilt no gmo, no nothing. I bring my water with me where ever I go and I don't drink city water to avoid pineal gland crushing fluoride. This is not entirely new to me, but grocery shopping for the first time was daunting as I have grown accustomed to buying what was cheap. The prices made me cringe and I was sweating from lack of coupons, but I boldy went forth. Here are some of the best things we found at Walmart in Lancaster SC a stones throw from the house:

Blue Diamond Almond milk, $2.45 with coupons that can be found anywhere, no gmos, comes in chocolate too! It is worth noting that Silk also is gmo free including their soy milk, but this is what I buy because my other half prefers it. I enjoy them all.

We love love loved the Clif Crunch bars @ $2.95 for 5 packs of two what's not to love? The best flavors for our twosome were the White Chocolate Macadamia and the Chocolate Chip, they are in the vien of those crunchy honey and oats bars, but way better. Don't let my recommendation deter you from other flavors we also bought the Chocolate Peanut ones and they were yum too. The bars aren't totally organic, but gmos are my main concern and the entire Clif product line is gmo-free. A bonus, because I love the White Chocolate Macadamia Luna bars mmm.

Amy's Organic Soups for $2.12 a can, how could you beat that? I'll tell you, you can't.
Our family is a big fan of the No- Chicken Noodle and the Black Bean Veggie. A bit on the sodiumy side, but what are you gonna do? At least there isn't toad dna in it anywhere.

Stonyfield Organic Yogurt $3.29ish. Let me be frank, I find this yogurt distasteful when eaten as is, that being said I use a freakish amount of it because it is amazing in so many other ways. I buy the plain, it tastes like watery sour cream, when combined with the following this yogurt shines: Crumbled Clif bars, Annie's Bunnies Mac and Cheese (I use no butter, no milk, just yogurt. It's dank, do it, do it now), sourcream sub in hashbrown casserole, and with red sauce to become pink sauce. It's good do stuff with it.

Kettle Brand Chips are expensive, but gmo free and delicious. 

Those weird organic pop tarts whose name escapes me were only $2.50 there, instead of $5 at Harris Teeter. They taste like, well, shitty pop tarts, but I suppose there's no real way to replicate that laboratory cherry taste in a way that won't cause your blood to clot. They are totally edible, and instead of shamefully devouring a whole box like I might their artificial counterparts, I have ended on a single tart. A first in Brett history.

Earthbound baby spinach is delicious sauteed with garlic (one of the few organic produce items I can afford at $.50 a head)

I will post more reviews as we try more things.

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