Saturday, July 20, 2013

More Organic or GMO free food reviews

First on the list is Horizon Organic Sour Cream, something we sorely missed, but was hard to find. I finally found some at Harris Teeter for about $3.29 and it's very good
It's not incredibly thick and it has the texture of slightly thicker yogurt and the taste is mild and pleasant. It lasts about a week in our house, as we love to dip our Quorn nuggets in it and it goes fantastically with our frozen organic broccoli. I have been concerned that Quorn in the US has gmos and I have contacted the company to see if this is true. I misread thinking the Aussie site was the US one when I checked before buying the Quorn. Quorn tastes incredible and I will be very disappointed (but not surprised) if the US version is crap.

Something much less disappointing was Mama Francesca Parmesan cheese no GMOs and gluten-free
We tried both the garlic and the basil one and they are awesome. I used a ton of the Kraft one, and I mean a ton. Mama Francesca has such a bold flavor and great taste that it goes a long way. I already picked up 4 more. Walmart had them on rollback for 2.98 and they had 55cents try me coupons on them so I couldn't resist. I also saw them at Harris Teeter for 3.50ish normal price. I haven't even made it through one yet. It's great on veggies, even better in pasta and soup.

The last review for the day is for Nature's Bakery Fig Bars we tried the normal and the blueberry.
They are very very dense, and while the normal fig flavor is good the blueberry ones taste like muffiny heaven. They are filling which is always a plus, because I am always hungry!

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